At two years old, he reads, plays the piano and writes poems


Claudia Aranda is barely two years old but already knows how to read, recognizes more than 300 paintings, plays the piano and has already written her first book of poems; has an Intellectual Coefficient of 146 points in the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for children.

Born in Almuñécar, Granada, Spain, this gifted little girl began to manifest her special abilities when she was one year old; her mom remembers that her interest in reading began with a book of the princess tale Frozen.

Today, the little girl has already written her own poems called Calliope, which was discovered by his parents and taken to the printer to make copies with Claudia's own letter.

Sandra González and Francisco Aranda, parents of the girl, went to Isep Clínic de Granada, an institution specialized in counseling, evaluation and treatment of emotional, learning and health problems when detecting in the child the precocity to internalize the information that she received.

Laura González, psycho-pedagogue of the counseling center to which this family went, assures that the little one has a highly developed cognitive and language capacity, at the same time that she has outstanding maturity in aspects such as memory, logic, perception and cognitive development. .

The specialist stressed that the early detection of Claudia's abilities has been a very important factor that should continue to be stimulated properly, since she will face some challenges such as adapting to her chronological age when living with other children.

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