Assume it: fat girls can also use Bikinis


Loey Lane is a 22-year-old girl with a YouTube channel that has more than 350,000 subscribers. She is dedicated to talking about fashion, lifestyle and confidence in her body, focused especially on girls who, like her, are overweight, which has generated disgust in hundreds of people who feel offended by the mixture of a girl who She is not thin, she has confidence and they also have no problem wearing a two-piece swimsuit, which many consider is only for thin women.

Due to the amount of offensive comments she has received, and the many complaints they have made to her Youtube channel, generating that its content be considered only for adults, this girl has decided to respond to all the criticisms with excellent arguments that show that Your confidence goes beyond just wearing a bikini, and is greater than any kind of superficial prejudice.

Enough of social labels. This brave girl has shown that bikinis are not only for thin women, and that apparently the problem of showing the skin only arises when it comes to overweight people.

Ashley Graham Believes 'The Smaller The Bikini, The Better Looking The Body' | PEN | People (January 2021)