As the WINNING 6 Kilos made the champion RONDA ROUSEY feel more beautiful


Recently, UFC's undefeated UFC Rooster champion Ronda Rousey took home the ESPYS award for the best female athlete (beating Serena Williams, skier Lindsey Vonn and University of Connecticut basketball player Breanna Stewart) best fighter in a category that also included four male candidates.

If you have not seen Ronda's movements in the ring, maybe you recognize this 28-year-old girl who appeared in movies like The Expendables, Fast and furious 7 or in The Entourage: the movie, where she interpreted herself

Ronda gained weight deliberately and sacrificed being in top form to pose in the edition of swimsuits Sports Illustrated 2015 because it felt too small for a magazine that is supposed to express the epitome of a woman. Ronda wanted to look more feminine, and she did not feel that she was with the 62 kilos that is the weight of the category in which she fights. When she climbed to 68 kilos, she felt healthy, strong and more beautiful.

I grew up as an athlete doing judo, so I do not really have a conventional female body type. I used to think that my body type was weird (although sporty), and it was not a good thing. Now that I am older, I have really begun to realize that I am very proud that my body has developed with a purpose, and not just to be observed.

It took a long time for Ronda to develop a healthier relationship with food and its weight

I thought that to be happy my body had to look a certain way, but I got to the point where I felt that I did not look good with the weight that qualifies me to fight in my category.

Professional wrestlers like Ronda train hard, focused on reaching the lowest possible weight just before a competition. This allows them to outdo opponents of similar size, but greater weight.

Now he wants to show people his non-combatant side

My life is so active, fighting all day, that I do not have any aggressiveness outside the ring. I like to spend time with my dog ​​and watch documentaries on television. Which is really good, to be honest.

Ronda does not relate his personal life to the fight

I believe that the struggle should not be related to personal life. One of my favorite boxers was Edwin Valero, and he ended up killing his wife and son, which is a terrible thing. From a sporting point of view, he was still one of the greatest fighters in history, and that can not be denied, but

I can go to bed happy every night lately, because I feel very successful at this moment.

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