Artists of the ink give tattoos with medical information; can save lives


There are still many taboos surrounding the subject of tattoos. Whether they are treated as a means of expression, fashion or simply an extravagant style, the prejudices against them do not seem to end. But you will not believe that many times marking your body can save your life. They are called tattoos of medical alert, and are increasingly used in situations of risk.

In a great example of solidarity, more and more tattoo artists around the world are joining the worldwide idea of ​​making free tattoos with medical information to people who are allergic to certain medicines or who suffer from certain diseases that doctors must know at the time of writing. Give them attention. This prevents the use of any medication or process that could put at risk the patient who needs medical attention immediately. Look at some of the incredible works that have saved lives.

Drug allergies

The blood type

With all the medical information

If a transplant is necessary

For a blood type difficult to find

With a chronic disease

An incredible initiative that can save more than one life. And you, would you dare to tattoo?

Tatu Baby Trying To Save A Life-Saver's Tattoo - Ink Master: Redemption, Season 3 (April 2021)