Artist uses incredible technique and paints realistic portraits in the palm of his hands


Art is the form of expression of the soul; No matter what the medium is, if it is capable of awakening an emotion in a person, it can be said that he has achieved his task. Many may think that everything has already been invented and there is no way to impress people, but the creativity of the human being has no limits.

Russel Powell is an American artist who was born in 1981. While working with his students in a kindergarten, he began to develop a peculiar technique, using his own body as the means of taking the painting to the canvas, so he creates his incredible compositions in the palms of your hands and then transport them to a rack. This is just a sample of your wonderful work.

1. The skin provides a different texture

2. Your work is realistic

3. The models come from the imagination

4. Create them by parts

5. It is also inspired by celebrities

6. Each creation is unique

7. His subjects are fascinating

8. The result is impressive

9. Your hand is your signature

10. They are images that provoke sensations

11. In them, he captures everything he imagines

12. What you know

13. His obsessions

14. Everything he likes is taken to the canvas

15. The final product is surprising

Artist Uses His Handprint To Create Amazing Portraits (October 2020)