Artist transforms classic paintings into funny cartoons; this is the result


Classic art is pleasing to the eye, but we hardly associate it with our daily life, which is why the digital artist Lothlenan is transforming classic paintings into paintings geek. So far he has redesigned eight works, inspired by fandoms as Sailor Moon, Adventure Time and Totoro. It is amazing how the paintings acquire a sense of freshness when combining new elements.

If you love art or simply want to acquire one of these renovated paintings, you can enter the online store Redbubble where you will find some designs for sale.

Mr. and Mrs. Andrews, Thomas Gainsborough

The swing, Jean Honore Fragonard

Woman with umbrella, Claude Monet

Self-portrait, Madame Le Brun

Spring, Pierre Auguste Cot

Portrait of Louis XIV, Hyacinthe Rigaud

The accolade, Edmund Blair Leighton

The Scream, Edvard Munch

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