Artist takes movie scenes and changes the look of the protagonists with the latest fashion


Benjamin Seidler is an architect by profession, designer of accessories and London illustrator, and one of his favorite hobbies is putting together collages for your Instagram account. This man has enchanted magazines like Vogue, Harpers Bazaar And till The New York Times with his fun photomontages. Benjamin takes the most representative scenes from some movies and television series and dresses the characters with clothes from the latest fashion collections.

My style is romantic and festive, I celebrate the variety. I can do fun things but never to make fun of me. Maybe I can look like that because I have no interest in technical perfection. I know that my collages They do not look good, but that's exactly what I want. My montages are funny little jokes and they need to be expressed rudely and quickly. If it tried to falsify reality it would only make it seem forced.

Apparently everything started as a Hobbie, and now these images have become the obsession of the entire sector fashion. Seidler is an accessory designer and has worked for Prada, Anna Sui, Smythson and Anya Hindmarch. Despite his work he refuses to abandon his passion, continues to illustrate and do his collages that give the characters a new style and personality, we show you something of their work.

1. Legally blonde: Elle Woods wearing Gucci

2. Elle Woods wearing Comme des Garcons

3. Bridget Jones wearing Balmain

4. Bridget and Daniel Cleaver in Dolce and Gabbana

5. The squad Sex and the City using Gucci, Rodarte, Louis Vuitton and Coach

6. Samantha, Carrie and Charlotte, wearing Stella McCartney

7. Marie Antoinette with a Marc Jacobs

8. Mean Girls: Regina using Dior

9. Mean girls wearing Moschino

10. Diary of a passion: Allie and Noah using Jacquemus

11. Noah wearing Dries Van Noten

12. Bridesmaids using Balenciaga

13. James Bond wearing Sacai

14. The Hunger Games: Katniss and Peeta in Balenciaga

15. Titanic: Jack wearing Stella McCartney

16. Black Swan: Nina Sayers using Gucci

17. Brockeback Mountain: Ennis wearing Valentino

18. Clueless: Cher and Dionne wearing Prada

19. Harry and Hermione using JW Anderson

20. Merlina Addams wearing Miu miu

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