Artist smiles at famous works of art with FaceApp during his visit to the museum


The FaceApp is an application that uses artificial intelligence and neural networks to draw a smile on the face or change the age of people with a touch. Now, imagine everything you can do with it when you're bored.

A designer from London, named Olly Gibbs, visited the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam with his girlfriend and found that the works of art were very serious, so his girlfriend thought they would use the application to give them a touch of joy and the results They were very funny

1. Live life Miss Veth, smile!

2. Say whiskey!

3. Mr. Rembrandt, smile for the photo

4. The camera adores him

5. Remove that face, be happy

6. Why so serious?

7. Someone tickled his feet

8. Geez! What happiness, Mrs. Feyntje!

9. What does young Deutz laugh at?

10. Count the joke Duke Ruyter

11. Let's see, a little smile!

12. Mr. Du Jardin, say cheese!

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