Artist gets out of line and makes his scribbles true works of art


Jimmy Matlik is an artist who lives in Gothenburg, Sweden, and has caused a stir on the Internet thanks to his original work as a cartoonist, since he has given a double use to the scribbles we used to do in our notebooks in primary school.

Matilk forgot the order do not leave the line, to give way to a new art technique, where curves and imagination give us the best characters.

1. Totoro

2. Piglet

3. Sadness

4. Winnie Pooh

5. EVA

6. Bambi

7. The penguins of Madagascar

8. Tiger

9. Dory

10. Simba

11. Judy

12. Ariel

13. Rula

14. Stich

15. Abu

16. Chief in diapers

17. Marie

18. Pikachu

19. Baby Groot

20. Toad

What Level Is Your Art? [Scribble Kibble #39] (January 2021)