Artist draws 25 girls and turns them into amazing animated characters


The artist behind Toonimated he has a different vision of the world from the rest; for him they are all cartoons, he demonstrates it by using a simple photograph and turning his models into animated characters.

To achieve this, it has been based on the work of Akira Toriyama, Tetsuya Nomura, Rumiko Takahashi, among other famous illustrators. He studied at the DigiPen Institute of Technology and can draw by commission. Soon he will release his first comic called Room of Swords. Know something of his incredible talent.

1. The work is exquisite

2. Note every little detail

3. And it adds a lot of light

4. Each person is a universe

5. That he tries to decipher

6. They are all beautiful

7. And they have something special

8. All races

9. All colors

10. Distinguish each trait of the people

11. Your style is unique

12. To make your drawings use Adobe Animate

13. To paint, do it with Photoshop CC

14. He has drawn from very small

15. You are working to realize your dreams

16. And get help from people

17. Your comic will be available in December

18. And you can read it in Webtoon for free

19. Meanwhile try to perfect your technique

20. And convert every person you know

21. In a cartoon model

22. If you like what you do

23. You could be the next

24. Send your picture and for 150 dollars

25. Become an animated character

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