Artist creates necklaces in the shape of kittens-sirens; and they are the most adorable thing you'll see today


Each girl chooses her accessories according to the personality that defines her and gives them that unique touch. Many like Gothic objects and others love things that seem to come from fairy tales. The store Girl and her Cat specializes in creating necklaces according to the tastes of each person, including cats, mermaids and a fusion of these.

Sarah Boyd, from Missouri, United States, uses a special paste to make these little gems. Each piece is sold for 30 dollars and the creator does exactly what her clients ask her. He started with some adorable pieces of kittens with mermaid tail, but now makes all kinds of animals, shapes and colors. After posting some images on the Internet, they become increasingly popular.

1. In a fantasy world, everything is possible

2. Like a beautiful mermaid kitten

3. Or a lazy coquettish

4. A sleepy black pug

5. The bunny submerged in his dreams

6. A beautiful raccoon that will steal your heart

7. A tender kitten

8. The perfect gift for someone special

9. Everything is possible if you believe it

10. Curious, unique and magical

11. A memory that is worth keeping

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