Artist creates funny cartoons inspired by our favorite celebrities


All people are born with some talent, they just have to find what it is and develop it, for example Xi Ding has the great ability to turn anyone into a caricature. However, what distinguishes him from other artists is that he does not follow the traditional path of a caricature with unusual proportions. He chooses to emphasize the distinctive and positive features of a celebrity's personality and gives it an attractive and humorous touch.

Ding has made drawings from celebrities, public figures to adaptations of famous cartoons. He also became an artist who can make the fastest cartoons in the world, because it takes at least 3 minutes to achieve his creations. These are just some of the best works of this fascinating artist.

1. Michael Jackson

2. Millie Bobby Brown

3. Chris Evans

4. Gaten Matarazzo

5. Aretha Franklin

6. Marilyn Monroe

7. Jason Momoa

8. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

9. Donald Sutherland

10. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

11. Michael Jordan

12. Natalie Portman

13. Benedict Cumberbatch

Artist Transforms Your Favorite Cartoons Into Disturbing Humans (April 2021)