Artist combines the Disney world with the real one; The result is hilarious!


The Indonesian artist Andhika Muksin mixes the world of Disney with the world in which we live to show, in a more real way, what the life of the princesses would be like in modern times. All thanks to your skills with Photoshop!

In movies, being a princess seems very glamorous, Of course, if you ignore the evil stepmothers, poisoned apples, enemies who want to keep your crown. These 24 images of Andhika show that in our world things would be very different.

1. The king we all want

2. Do you give me permission to pass?

3. Girls night

4. What fun is Snapchat!

5. The photos that your friend tags you

6. It's not as fun as it seemed

7. Expectation vs. reality

8. I'm not a normal mom, I'm a mom cool

9. The water is cold!

10. There is a bottleneck

11. We took a picture and created an Instagram profile

12. How can my selfies are not the most beautiful in the kingdom?

13. When you open the front camera by accident

14. The most ruthless judges in the world of fashion

15. A modern dance

16. Ariel just came to the surface to eat pizza

17. Dracarys!

18. This is not the romantic walk you promised me

19. The stepsisters always jealous

20. Getting out of the water is not that glamorous

21. The fairy godmother was mistaken for Cinderella

22. And that was not a poisoned mango

23. The day after the dance

24. Let's hope it does not come alive

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