Artificial intelligence would help detect breast cancer


Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the world, according to the World Health Organization. One of the most common types is the breast, which in 2004 alone took the lives of 519 thousand women.

Against this background, researchers from the Institute of Technology and the General Hospital of Massachusetts created a prototype that allows forecasting breast cancer up to five years in advance, thanks to artificial intelligence.

To reach this result, the technology was tested with data from 90,000 mammograms from 2009 to 2012, which allowed subtle cancer precursors to be detected before becoming malignant.

This model would be able to predict through mammography if the woman is prone to develop breast cancer in the future, in addition to knowing individual risks that can be used to customize prevention programs. This method works equally well in patients of different races.

In 2016, scientists from Stanford University developed an application capable of diagnosing skin cancer through a photo taken with the cell phone. For this, 130 thousand images of tumors of this type were helped; One year later the result was tested by 21 dermatologists who obtained very positive results that were published in a study.

With these technological advances it is not intended to eliminate the role of the doctor, but to provide a second opinion that can help the cancer stop taking lives or, at least, reduce the number of victims.

Philips and PathAI to improve breast cancer diagnosis with artificial intelligence (January 2021)