Ariana Grande publishes medical study on Instagram; his fans are worried


No one can question the great talent of the singer Ariana Grande, who at his young age has proven to have one of the most solid careers in the music industry, not to mention which song he releases becomes a resounding success. But not everything has been easy, because his life has been shaken by tragic events such as the death of his ex-boyfriend Mac Miller and the attack of his concert in Manchester.

Now, Ariana revealed to the public the impact that has been suffering from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder with some images of her tomographies that show how her brain was affected by this mental illness.

It is not a joke

Ariana shared a photograph through her Instagram account, which shows a couple of scans of her brain showing the high levels of PTSD (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder) she has been suffering for some time. In addition, it included the message: Funny and scary. It is not a joke, and showed the comparison between a normal brain and one affected by the condition to then add their own scanners that show the progress of the disease.

PTSD is a mental illness that occurs in people who have witnessed some traumatic experience; in the case of Ari it seems that he has suffered enough stressful moments in his personal life.

The attack in Manchester

The singer of thank u, next He has not had it easy because in May of 2017 he lived something he will never forget: it was the objective of a terrorist attack right after his show, which cost the lives of 22 people, most of them were teenage fans.

After taking a few days off, Grande continued with the tour and organized a charity concert for the city that raised funds for the families of the victims who suffered such a horrible event. But it was not easy to overcome the loss of his beloved fans.

Miller's life ends

To make matters worse, Ariana separated from rapper Mac Miller in May 2018, after a year and a half of a conflictive relationship that covered his problems with his addictions. A few months later Miller was found dead from an overdose.

The singer was very affected and it did not make it easier for the public to attack her in networks, blaming her for the death of the rapper.

He is trying to improve

Ariana also added another story in which she wrote that she is trying to give the best of herself, in addition to posting the message: Life is wild, my brain is tired.

The singer's personal life has been a roller coaster in recent years, but we know that thanks to the work, the help of family, friends and fans will keep going. For this reason his followers have flooded social networks with messages of both support and concern for it.

The fans share their concern

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