Are you a cold girl? These blankets woven in the shape of a mermaid tail will drive you crazy


The small pleasures of life are enjoyed when it is a bit cold, it is in those moments when we can have a delicious coffee, snuggle in bed and of course wrap ourselves in a delicious blanket that removes all the cold that our body feels. And of course if you're a girl too cold, you'll understand what I'm talking about.

The typical and boring square blankets are being left aside, as it seems that what today are the blankets in the form of a mermaid tail. Why do we say it ?, because they completely cover your feet and that makes them perfect for those cold days. Definitely these woven mermaid tails are all you need.

1. Mermaid tail blankets are necessary for winter

2. Especially because you can keep your feet warm while you check your social networks

3. So say goodbye to the cold

4. You will need one like this to read a good book

5. They are perfect to share with your best friend

6. Who would not love to cover themselves like this from the cold in the street?

7. They are so comfortable that it seems that you sleep in the ocean

8. Even your pets will enjoy keeping you company

9. You'll look like a real mermaid

10. Do not lose the glamor when taking a nap

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