Animaniacs is back! The best animated series returns to Netflix by Steven Spielberg


As a sample of how amazing the 90s were, one of the favorite cartoons of many will return to the small screen for the fascination of its followers and for the new generations to know and enjoy it: Animaniacs.

Imagine the new adventures of Yakko, Wakko, Dot, Pinky and Brain, Katie Ka-Boom, Mandy and Buttons, Kikiri Boo and the bitterest squirrel of all, Scrappy. It is something that you should not miss.

Their fame precedes them

The idea of ​​creating new chapters was born thanks to the success of a retransmission in Netflix. The impact was so great that Warner Bros decided to contact the original producer, Steven Spielberg, and his company, Amblin Television, to deal with the subject.

Everyone loved the Warner brothers

This funny series was created by Tom Ruegger and began airing on September 13, 1993. The 99 episodes were divided into small capsules that made you laugh out loud. It was considered the most viewed caricature of the 90s, thanks to its humor that attracted audiences of different ages and nowadays, it is still one of the most remembered.

Had one of the funniest closures

Finished in 1999 with the episode / movie The desire of Wakko.

We want you back!

Let's cross our fingers so that the Warner brothers, Pinky and Cerebro get to conquer the world and Kikiri Boo alive as a human.

Direct in nostalgia

What was Spielberg's favorite series?

Animaniacs it was didactic

Yakko taught us to love the universe

Animaniacs is RETURNING! (January 2021)