Angelina Jolie is the owner of the evil in the teaser trailer of Maleficent 2


Disney shared the first teaser of Maleficent: Owner of evil to show us that villains can be the protagonists of the story and not only secondary characters.

The story will take place several years after the events of the first film, in which we learned the reasons that hardened the heart of Maleficent. This time the villain and the future Queen Aurora will have to join forces to face the adversaries who want to destroy the forest and the magical creatures that inhabit it. And who will be the protagonists? Obvious, Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning.

According to statements made by Angelina, the film will ask if the villain is good enough to be the mother of the princess. In addition, Fanning added: Aurora and Maleficent love each other, but there is a great division between them as Maleficent still distrusts humanity.

In this second part, directed by Joachim Ronnuing, director of Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge, we will see again Angelina and Elle, but new faces will be added as Michelle Pfeiffer, who will play Queen Ingrith; Harris Dickinson, who will replace Brenton Thwaites as Prince Philip, and Ed Skrein, as the villain.

Each fairy tale comes with its own villain

The film will be released in cinemas next October 18 and promises to charm with its magic.

MALEFICENT 2: MISTRESS OF EVIL Official Trailer (2019) Angelina Jolie, Disney Movie HD (April 2021)