And the ring pa when ?; Alex Rodríguez understands the hint and agrees with Jennifer Lopez


We do not know if the song The ring was a hint of Jennifer Lopez for her partner Alex Rodriguez, but apparently it has paid off since the ex-baseball man proposed to her.

During his recent romantic trip to the Bahamas, Alex gave him a beautiful ring and could not wait to share the moment with his followers: both posted on his Instagram a picture of his hands showing the jewel that, we must say, is awesome!

A whole collection of engagement rings

Alex spares no expense when it comes to the love of his life and is that, according to experts, the ring could be a diamond of 10 to 15 carats worth about a million dollars! But although the cost of the jewel has caused great impact among ordinary mortals, it is not the most expensive engagement ring the singer has received.

Her first husband, Ojani Noa, gave her a ring of 50 thousand dollars; Then he would dance. Cris Judd proposed marriage with a $ 150,000 ring; the jewel that Ben Affleck gave him cost almost three million dollars and, finally, the father of his twins, Marc Anthony, gave him a blue diamond estimated at four and a half million dollars!

Although JLo has plenty of marriage proposals, he is not interested in comparing rings, weddings or money, as he said during an interview in Carpool Karaoke with James Corden: I do not want to compare one ring with another. All the proposals were spectacular, very nice.

They started with the left foot

Hardly a day has passed since the announcement of the engagement in social networks and the rumors that Alex cheats JLo were already present. His ex-colleague of the New York Yankees, Jose Canseco, accused Alex of cheating the Puerto Rican with his ex-wife.

According to Canseco, a few months ago he was with his ex-partner when she received a call from Alex and although she does not say what they talked about or if she even answered, she is so certain of the deception that she even challenged Rodriguez to a boxing match and agreed to submit to a lie detector to prove that he does not lie.

Finally Canseco left his phone number for the singer to communicate with him and tell him everything he knows. So far the newly engaged have not answered their tweets or made statements about it.

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