An open letter for the girl that I LEFT? go to the good guy


I've seen it happen: The educated, kind boy who loses the girl for being exactly as she is. And the worst thing is that since he is a nice and educated boy, he will let her go and will not say anything about it. She's going to accept it as something she really wants and will wish him the best, while she walks away being everything he would have wanted in a girl.

Well, on behalf of all the nice and kind guys that are out there, this is for the girl who let go of the best thing that has happened to her.

Dear girl who left:

Both you and he were aware of what they were getting into. He told you he was a good person. He trusted easily and gave you everything he could when possible. Because that's the way someone like him does, when he needed it and did everything possible to make sure you knew how much you could mean to someone.

Today we live a generation where we all wear masks and play certain roles to travel through the battlefield of relationships. It is impossible to give everything. In this twenty-first century we like Facebook phrases and upload photos to Instagram that indicate that we do not know what we want: one day to the masochist and the romantic to the next. We play to be available only at times, and making ourselves difficult must be our number one priority. Why?

I thought that the ultimate goal of starting a relationship was to settle down, so what is the point of the appointments if you do not want them to reach somewhere? But if you're looking for an adventure of one night, leave the boys good ones in peace and play according to the rules of your game. Save yourself time and energy because a guy who is nice and generous is not going to make it easier for you to get away. An educated guy cares about you, so he'll try to get an explanation even if he knows you'll tell him a lot of lies.

Many girls say that they like men who are real idiots because they are a challenge that involves forcing him to be something better than an imbecile. Did you ever think that maybe it was you who needed to learn what it really means? feel again?

Surely you have had a bad experience, as it has happened to all of us, and that is why you have changed. It is normal and one grieves, but as you left with another imbecile, he did not fix what the previous one did; It was the same or worse. You were not her priority and you could hardly be her, so now you are bitter and have closed yourself to anything remotely more satisfying than a one-night stand.

I'm not going to deny that an idiot can be fun or that you could not have a good time with him, but when everything is said and done, is there anything more than a good time? Probably not.

In fact, an imbecile has something charming: the charm that justifies your persistence. You say: There is something in him, which is probably the same quality that I have damaged you in the past.

Then you tried to take away the one who was not an idiot. And since he did not do it, you pushed him harder. Still, he did not give up, and every time you pushed him, he pulled you closer to him. He ignored your fears and forced you to grow. He fought for your passions when you were too busy forgetting them. He put aside your desires to concentrate on what you needed. You walked away because it was too good to be true.

He gave you too much of everything you wanted, and you believed that life could not be that easy. You were used to conflicts and difficulties as if life itself did not offer you that.

This is where you failed.

You, kid good He was injured, but chose to remain as he was: nice, polite, kind. He learned that different people were going to offer him different things in life. And he chose not to let any of that change him.

So he let you go and closed the day. They say there are a lot of fish in the sea, and he let you go knowing that, even though it hurt. What you do not know is that someone else is there, somewhere, and she is not going to be as stupid as you are.

When you realize you wanted that boy you cared so much about, it will be too late. Some other girl will have been able to see how big it is, and it's not going to waste a minute.

The good and generous guys are there to give you a break, a light that guides you to something different from all those games with which we identify those of our generation.

Maybe he loved you very soon, and everything was a little crazy; too. But guys like that do not meet every day. In fact, almost never. He made you feel love when love was no longer part of your vocabulary. Although now you would want to be saying: I love you too, while you remember what it feels like.

He is the man you were supposed to be with.I wish you could see it before another girl does, because in the end, everyone, including that great guy, we know that you do not deserve it but he has only loved you.

To be honest,

the girl who arrived too late.

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