Amazing! These roses are actually delicious vegan cakes; you do not want to eat them


If you are about to have a special event and you do not know how to decorate the cake, you should know the work of Juliana Tar, a German girl who mixed her passion for pastry and her love for flowers, achieving delicious and incredible creations, so much so that It will be difficult to eat them.

The ingredients used are vegan, raw and of the best quality. Your pastry shop, called Culinary Dots, is very famous in Berlin and has become a success thanks to sharing the images of his work in his Instagram account, as well as some recipes if you want to try it at home. She says that they are the perfect gift for a birthday or an anniversary, because they are a bouquet of roses that you can taste.

1. Passion fruit with strawberry jam

2. Mango cake inspired by the sunset

3. Bouquet of summer flowers

4. Poppy flowers with cherry flavor

5. Cheese Neapolitan Kiss me twice

6. Delicious cranberry bliss It's everything you'll want

7. A bouquet of strawberry roses

8. A raspberry beauty

9. A beautiful basket of flowers with lemon flavor

10. The gift that no one can resist

Choose the one you like the most All are beautiful