Amazing makeup brushes inspired by Sailor Moon; They are everything you need!


Yes, we know that we have spoken many times about Sailor Moon, but you have to admit that for all the girls we grew up in the 90s, Serena became the magical girl we all wanted to be, the one who had the power of the moon to save the world from submerging in darkness.

So it's very hard to resist any product that is inspired by our favorite cartoon. Also, if you are a makeup addict, you will want to have these Serena brushes / lunar scissors.

Cherry Cupcake Store is the store that put them on sale

You can buy them for $ 37

The best thing is that they ship to the whole world

So you just have to say: by the power of the lunar prism, I need them now!

Sailor Moon Makeup Brush Review (January 2021)