Although it does not define you, the music you choose may reveal features of your personality

Although it is not a precise way to explain our way of being, our musical taste could reveal important features of our personality and even our psychological profile.

Not in vain the Russian novelist Leon Tolstoy said that music is the shorthand of emotion, because through it you can express not only moods but the identification that we adopt with positions that we consider valid in our lives.

Adrian North, a professor at Edinburgh's Heriot-Watt University in the United Kingdom, has devoted himself to studying how musical preferences relate to personality.

The study carried out by the expert in musical psychology consisted of interviewing 36 thousand 518 people and thus evaluating 104 different musical styles, in which grouped a series of characteristics of the respondents' personality, according to the gender of preference.

Thus, he concluded that, for example, the followers of country music are timid but hardworking; Rap lovers have high self-esteem and are outgoing; But those who listen to indie despite being creative could tend to low self-esteem and not be very kind.

Each type of music, according to the survey conducted by Professor North, groups people with similar psychological profiles, although many of them share traits with those who prefer other musical styles. This is the case of those who like heavy metal and classical music, since their taste for something dramatic and theatrical unites them, although they could be differentiated by age profiles and, of course, their preferences in terms of dress and places of interest. to visit.

Although they group people with similar profiles, musical styles do not transform our personality. That is to say, if we listen to a lot of jazz music, it does not mean that we will adopt the traits of those who prefer it: creative, with high self-esteem and extroverts. On the other hand, the study clarified that many of the respondents retain their musical tastes since their youth, since it is at this stage that the identity is consolidated.

Adrian North also says that increasing the volume while driving accelerates the march, which is why those who have sports cars tend to carry music at high volume. Otherwise, those who listen to music at a low level, are more passive in their driving.

On the other hand, Dr. Jason Rentfrow, from the Department of Social and Development Psychology at the University of Cambridge, conducted a study that concluded that humans use music as a badge so that others know the values ​​and personality that distinguish us. During their research, the Rentfrow asked participants to consider the genres of rock, pop, electro, rap, classical music and jazz, so that psychologists could analyze specific features such as extraversion, kindness, awareness and openness, among others.

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