Allergic eczema: the reason why earrings that are NOT gold provoke reaction


If there is an accessory that women love are earrings, thanks to them we can make our face look different; They are also the perfect complement for when we have a dinner and we need to show ourselves elegant. From the funny figurines to the beautiful stones, they all combine with a outfit, but unfortunately there are girls who can not enjoy them.

No, it is not that they are delicate girls, as many people say, but that using earrings that are not gold generates a terrible allergic reaction. This is the reason why the ears are infected with fantasy earrings.

Allergic eczema

The infection causes swelling, itching, redness and much pain, suppurations in the earlobe and, in the worst case, irreparable damage.

What causes it?

It is an allergic reaction produced by the material of the earrings, chains, belts, enamels and even buttons and clasps with costume jewelery. Excessive exposure of the skin to the material can become a major infection, since the metal contains nickel.

What to do if an allergic eczema breaks out?

Ideally, do not use more pieces of fantasy, but in case you do only a couple of hours and the ears are very inflamed you have to wash the infected area very well with neutral soap and plenty of water. Then apply alcohol with a cotton to disinfect, but if the infection is severe you should see the doctor as soon as possible to recommend a treatment that contains antibiotic and heal you quickly.

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