All that glitters, the new series inspired by the rivalry between Anna Wintour and Tina Brown


After watching the movie The Devil Wears Prada, the whole world wanted to know more details about the world of glamor, the edition of a famous magazine and of course, who was Anna Wintour. Fortunately, there are people who have listened to our pleas and announced that the series that tells the life of the famous editor of the magazine will soon be taken to the screen. Vogue.

The television channel Bravo is in charge of creating All that Glitters, a series based on the 1994 novel Newhouse by Thomas Maier, who will narrate the rivalry between two of the most important women in the fashion industry: Anna Wintour and Tina Brown.

Who the hell is Anna Wintour?

Anna Wintour is known for her great talent in the publishing world and, of course, for directing since 1988 the famous fashion magazine Vogue. Although she is also known for her cold way of being, she always wears black glasses at any event because she does not like anyone to see her reactions. Some of her colleagues have nicknamed her Nuclear Wintour, due to the demanding and demanding that it is with its employees, some of them can not even speak to you unless it is strictly necessary.

Now do you understand why Miranda Priestly was so cold with Andy? The story of the film is based, in large part, on the lifestyle of Anna Wintour, but apparently one hour and 50 minutes were not enough to tell her all her life.

All that Glitters

The producers Gale Hurd and Judith Verno of Universal Cable Productions will be in charge of financing all the production of the series called All that Glitters, which tells the story of Anna Wintour's life and the rivalry that she has maintained since 1990 with Tina Brown, renowned journalist and editor of important media such as The New Yorker.

Unfortunately we still do not know who will be the protagonists, however, we know that the plot will talk about two women who seek to make their way in an industry that is run by men driven by greed and betrayal. Both will fight to change the world around them through their great instinct for fashion, luxury and business.

Reading by Fred Moten, 5.3.16 (January 2021)