All That by Kenan & Kel is back and the Jonas Brothers are special guests


A few months ago the Jonas Brothers confirmed their return with the song Sucker, which reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 list in the United States.

Now the most famous trio of Disney says goodbye to Mickey Mouse and the television station that saw them grow to join the ranks of Nickelodeon and participate in the first chapter of the return of Kenan & Kel, in the section All That.

Through Instagram and through a clip, Nick, Joe and Kevin confirmed their appearance in the reboot of the most famous program of the 90s:

Hey! We are the Jonas Brothers and we are very excited. We're going to be at the premiere of Nickelodeon's new All That. On June 15 we will see you there!

In early February, Nickelodeon announced the return of the series that aired from 1994 until 2005; now we will have to wait until June 15 to see the first episode of the reboot.

In addition, Kenan Thompson, member of the original cast, will also serve as executive producer; Lori Beth Denberg will return as Mrs. Hushbau, and new stars will join the original cast.

Jonas Brothers & Kel Mitchell on ALL NEW All That! ???? | Nick (April 2021)