Alert! Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron star in the new Internet Bromance


There will always be a good time for love. In recent days, various Internet users have shown their interest in politics and love thanks to the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, who traveled to Sicily to meet with Emmanuel Macron, president of France, and discuss the adversities to which face.

Apparently, Macron had other intentions and is hitting Trudeau's heart hard, giving rise to an alleged bromance that blooms like spring.

Trudeau is the man we all want

He has stolen the heart of the whole world thanks to: his seductive look, his kindness, his sexy dance steps, the skill with which he boxes and his steel abdomen.

Emmanuel is not far behind

The man of finance has fallen in love with the whole world with his knowledge, kindness, positivism and that sweet look that has not taken Trudeau off during his visit.

Internet has been confused a bit

Both leaders met at the G7 summit in Sicily, Italy, and the whole Internet fell in love as they watched them take a walk through a path full of flowers, discussing the challenges they face in this new era.

During the walk, Macron picked up a flower and from there everything went out of control.

Even so, we thank you for the best Bromance

It's time to find a guy like that!

Everyone has the right to a nice memory; although not precisely during a work meeting.

Do you remember that program in which several singles met for one single purpose: to find the love of their life? For some believed that Macron would leave his wife for Trudeau or vice versa.

After the Canadian prime minister shared the photographs of his work visit, Twitter exploded with hundreds of funny comments in which users suggested their own love story between the two leaders.

Although some hated the end

And they pointed out that he lacked a little more affection.

Others were prepared for the epic wedding.

Some let out their pessimism.

Although the glances between both gave much to talk about, it is clear that this history of Internet users is just a fairy tale, because both are happily married to their respective wives.

In the end, not everything is as we wish, especially in love, but if at any time this were real it would surely have more than a thousand people in his favor. For now, let's drink for true love!

France's Macron, Canada's Trudeau meet at the G20 in Argentina (September 2020)