After her fiancé left her on the altar, this girlfriend made the BEST photoshoot


Generally love stories end in a special way, with a wedding and the promise of happiness forever. This was not the case with Shelby Swink, but neither was it an impediment for her to continue her life.

Shelby and her ex-fiancé met at the university in 2011. Their romance lasted until in March of 2014 they decided it was time to commit and they started planning their wedding for November of that same year.

Six days before the ceremony, her fiancé sat next to her and told her that she was considering canceling the wedding. I'm not sure I want to spend the rest of my life with you, he told Shelby, and the next day he confirmed his decision.

I put all my heart into planning the wedding. I wanted the day we celebrated our love and commitment to be absolutely incredible, Shelby said later. The dreams of getting married and having children with the man I loved vanished.

After the wedding was canceled, her photographer suggested they organize a trash the dress session, increasingly popular with the couple. In it they return to dress in their bridal attire and pose while destroying them.

First I thought it was crazy, since it was an expensive dress and I really did not want to ruin it, confesses Shelby, who finally decided to spend what would have been her wedding day doing something fun with her friends wearing their dresses ladies, and his parents.

The first of November was supposed to be a day full of fun and happiness in which I would be surrounded by the people who love me. I would not let my ex-fiance take that away from me, says Shelby.

Shelby's father brought champagne and cigars to the session where they splashed his clothes with brightly colored paint and feathers.

My mom was the one who paid for the dress, so I was nervous about the way she would react when I told her what I planned to do with him, but they both supported me 100% and wanted to be by my side.

I can not even describe how liberating the experience is, says Shelby. If I could say one thing to my ex it would be: Thanks for avoiding a great pain in the future. Thank you for pushing me to realize my own strength.

Thank you for teaching me that nobody can take away my happiness. Thank you for letting me go so you can find true love. Thank you!

Shelby Swink's dress was exhibited at a local wedding dress shop in Memphis, Tennessee, United States, until January 2015.

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