After being rejected, he goes to the mall and tells his funny story of lovelessness on Snapchat


The stories of heartbreak are often heartbreaking, because they remind us of the times we have found ourselves in that horrible situation. However, for a few, ending a relationship is like a joke of fate to laugh out loud.

The wit of this boy to tell the end of their relationship is simply perfect. He took a series of photos in front of several stores in a shopping center to express his feelings and make him see his ex-girlfriend, that the boy he leaves with does not suit him. Are you ready? Come with me to see this sad story

1. Everything started when they sent him to a distant place

A town with millions of inhabitants, because daily known, friends, relatives, strangers and ex-novices, fall there.

2. So he decided to express his feelings

Now we know that men with feelings are worth two.

3. But like all men, he cheated on his girl

Even if he had not had a close encounter of the third type with the girl, he went out with her and that automatically becomes a hoax. Liar!

4. And he dared to warn his ex

I do not think the new kid is a jerk like you.

5. Maybe your girl saw that she was not a manipulator

Or maybe he's more handsome.

6. And he continued to make her see his mistake

Maybe being unequal in this world makes two souls more attracted.

7. Perhaps the conversations between these two were very deep

But they died the day he decided to cheat her.

8. Watch girls! Maybe he knows what he's talking about

You know, men know how to detect when someone has bad intentions. So, a lot of eye!

9. Bravo, he was able to overcome depression!

Probably managed to forget it with beer and more women or video games, like all men.

10. Girl, you are worth a lot and you deserve respect

So, very much, ladies, keep an eye on who they are coming out with next time.

11. So what kind of woman do you like?

We are all the same and we do not deserve a qualification.

12. Enjoy it!

In this world, there are many men.

The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde (September 2020)