Advice from me, 31, to me, 21, what would you say?

All people need advice that makes us realize the mistakes we make to avoid repeating them in the future, as well as words of encouragement when we feel that this mistake will affect our lives or our relationships.

However, think about the auto-advice It sounds a bit strange. Did you start thinking that there is nothing like our own experience so that we learn important lessons? Imagine how it would be that you, with your current age, could advise you when you were ten years younger and you were in time to change your choices so as not to regret in the future?

That's what Aldo Dáger Pattini did in a letter. At age 31 he wrote some life advice for himself at 21 years old.

Now, thinking about that letter, I have written what a woman could say to her younger self, just as her third decade of life was about to pass.

Dear me:

I never thought that the day would come when I would begin to think about everything that I did not do when I was younger, in all the time wasted and in all the opportunities that I let go by not being patient. Today, at 31, I have decided to write a series of tips so you can realize what really matters.

1. Travel

Discover places, meet people, experience the feeling of freedom now that you have very few responsibilities. Travel to learn, discover and think about what and who you want to be.

2. Build

Do not use your time to satisfy other people. Take into account that if you do things, it must be because you really like to do them. Part of goal building is to believe that you have what it takes to make them come true.

3. Read

Learning and having more knowledge give you the opportunity to be a wiser person. Do not stay with only the knowledge you already have.

4. Take advantage of your free time

If you want to know what the world out there is about, go out, live, know and learn about the wonders that it can offer you.

5. Get a job

Find a job in which you do what you do best, with passion and taste. If you are not satisfied, look for that place where you can develop, and strive.

6. Have confidence

Trust in you and what you can do. Trust the people you love. Always trust your ideals and defend them fairly and intelligently. Keep in mind, however, that trust is not synonymous with naivety.

7. Meet people

There are people who will change your life forever. Some of them will stay and others will not, but first of all, it is necessary to find them. We do not mean that you surround yourself with people, but that you realize who the indicated ones are. Try to learn a lesson from each of them.

8. Be patient

Plan in decades, think in years, work in months, live in days

The things that really are worth the delay take to arrive. Be patient and accept that if you are dedicated, you will build a better future.

9. Rate the time

Do not live fast, enjoy your youth. Do not waste your time on things that are not worth it. Time sometimes runs slow, and sometimes very fast, so you should be aware of what you do with him in your life.

10. Fall in love

For as long as it lasts, for the moments that you live together, for the love you feel. Value those people, respect them and be happy as much as you can.

Look for someone who complements you physically and emotionally, fall in love and respect yourself. Discover the love you are capable of giving.

11. Make mistakes

On the other hand, you can fail in love, in school, as a daughter, as a person, as a friend. It is allowed. But then learn a lesson. Every time you get up after falling, it grows more.

12. Succeed

You will never know what success is if you persecute it as such. One part of obtaining it is to set goals and not waver until they become reality, but another part is about your inner life, about the relationship with yourself: love yourself, forgive yourself, get excited, mature, look for a center from which you build.

Based on the letter from Aldo Dáger Pattini: Advice from my 30-year-old self to my 20-year-old self

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