ADOPTING a pet is the BEST decision of your life. Here 15 reasons


Each year, millions of dogs and cats end up in community shelters. Some of these animals were lost in the hope of reuniting with their owners, but most are looking for someone like you to take them home and love them unconditionally.

If you are looking to acquire a new member for your family, adopting a pet is undoubtedly the best option because

1. There are many to choose from

The percentage of dogs that live in shelters is increasing, so finding a pet that covers each of the features you are looking for is easier. Some of them are born there and are perfectly educated to live with other animals

2. They are much cheaper than buying them with a breeder

When you take home a dog that is from a kennel or a pet store, you can get to pay a lot of money for it. If your heart is set on a purebred puppy, there are a lot of them in shelters.

3. The veterinarian's consultations will usually be cheaper

Unless you adopt an old pet, that needs medication, or that is of race, it is very likely that the expenses are much lower. Most shelters sterilize, vaccinate (and can even integrate a chip) animals that are going to be put up for adoption, so that medical problems disappear and medical expenses are reduced. These expenses are covered because the adoption rate is relatively low.

4. You can find a perfect pet for what you're looking for

Small or large, quiet or active, young or old, you will find any average animal. Despite what you may think, there are a lot of puppies and kittens looking for a family that can raise them. If you prefer a more mature animal, that is already educated, there are older pets that want to settle down with a new family. Thanks to the variety of pets in the shelters, you will be sure to go home with the perfect pet.

5. You will be helping all the animals in the refuge

It costs a lot to maintain a shelter. Between the care of all the animals, the payment to the employees and the basic expenses, it is incredible that there are open shelters. For many of them their only sources of income are from donations and adoption fees. By adopting an animal, you are helping the shelter remain open and able to adequately attend to all creatures that pass through its doors.

6. You are giving an animal a second chance

If the animal was abused, neglected or simply abandoned, it arrives at the shelter confused and probably with fear. If you are unfortunate enough to end up in a killing shelter, you risk being sacrificed in a short period of time. By adopting it you are making sure that the life of your new friend does not end. Each domestic creature deserves to live its life surrounded by people who love it and take it into account.

7. You can find much more than just dogs and cats

If you prefer more exotic animals than the traditional hairy guys, you can still open your heart to a rescued animal: a lot of other creatures like birds, horses, reptiles, have been left in shelters. You may have to work a little longer to find the pet you're looking for, but it's definitely worth doing before you take an animal from the pet store home.

8. You can change a life

Many animal shelters have only known a life of cruelty before being rescued, and many more are born in shelters, so they do not know another environment. Even though the majority of animal rescue employees are dedicated animal lovers, there is no doubt that being in a home, with a stable family, is a much better alternative. Introduce in your life a new partner that you could never have imagined.

9. You can find the perfect companion for your other pets

If you think that the current hairy member of your family could benefit from having another partner around you, you can find the perfect complement in your local shelter. Many allow you to take your own pets to make sure that your adopted one gets along. If you need a young pet to keep an agile old woman, or just another adult animal to keep you company while you're at work, you can find him in a shelter.

10. It is easier to find your ideal partner

Thanks to the internet you can find your next family member, even before you see him in person. There are websites that help you limit your search so that you know the specific animal that interests you before going to a shelter.

Animal rescue pages on Facebook can also tell you about animals that need a home. Most include detailed descriptions so you know immediately if both are compatible. It's like online dating, but much better.

11. You can help reduce the problem of overpopulation and over-coercion

Like any industry, animal husbandry is based on supply and demand. By adopting instead of buying, you are sending a message that you prefer to enjoy an animal in need of a home instead of encouraging breeders to keep adding more animals to the planet.

Of course, in the grand scheme of things, an adopted animal is just a drop in the ocean, but we can imagine how animal populations could be drastically reduced if everyone wanted a new shelter pet instead of a breeder or store.

12. You will have a grateful pet for life for your love and attention

Obviously all animals are capable of love, and love their owners, no matter how they are. However, adopted pets seem to have an extra appreciation for the human beings who give them love and attention. It is difficult to imagine that our animals went through great difficulties before reaching us, but once you see how excited you are to get home, you will know that you have made the right decision.

13. You are showing others that animals can be absolutely wonderful

As we said before, many of the animals come from places of abuse, and many more are abandoned by people who considered their family. It may take some time for them to come to trust you and your loved ones, but there is something amazing about seeing that timid animal that looks at you through a cage, a happy and loving pet that can not wait to meet more of your human friends. Knowing that it was you who rebuilt your trust is one of the greatest feelings in the world.

14. You will have a faithful companion who loves you as much as you love him

The first time you look at your new pet is the start of an incredible trip for both of you. While it is true that no matter where you get your pet, taking a leap to adopt is even more rewarding. The bond that is created between you two will be unbreakable. Not only will you have a pet, but also a best friend and a new member of the family.

15. You could realize that you are the one rescued

Animals have a great way to heal, even our deepest emotional wounds. When you bring a pet to your home, you might think that you are the only savior in the relationship, but that could not be further from the truth. Your little or big ball of hair, scales or feathers will make your life better in more ways than you can imagine. And it's somewhere waiting for you.