Adolescent harassed by her overweight, faces her greatest fear and gives a lesson to her attackers


To face the criticism of others requires courage, that is why, what this teenager of only 13 years old did when confronting all those who did her bullying It is worth recognizing.

Paris Harvey has been humiliated by her overweight and has suffered harassment from her high school classmates in Kent, England, which made her an introverted and insecure girl. She has a metabolic problem that prevents her from losing weight, she also has a hip dysplasia and her left leg is 1.5 cm less than the right; she has nails in the joint to help her walk, but she still has to limp. People have made fun of her and call her fat or penguin.

They used to mess with me, and after a while, you start to believe what they tell you. I became very insecure. I can eat the same as a normal person, but I gain weight. It's not like I spend the day at home eating trinkets. But I think I should not be explaining what happens to me.

Tired of being harassed for years, Paris decided to show that she did not care about the opinions of others and faced her biggest fear: wearing a swimsuit to go to the beach and have fun like all young women her age.

Then he decided to upload the image to Twitter and share it with his friends, which aroused the interest of many people who began to give their point of view. Some were very proud of her; others offended her and assured that it was not right for obesity to be applauded.

In the end, Paris decided to stay with the good wishes of those who love her and drive her in her daily struggle. Its publication has gone viral and has received more than 337 thousand likes.

We should accept who we are. I'm not going to become a model, but I want to show people that your size does not matter: you are born in your body.

It has inspired other girls to love their body

And to show itself as they are

It is a source of pride

And applaud its value

But there were also negative comments

Without understanding the situation

Intolerant people

What Paris did deserves recognition, because she showed that she is willing to face her fears and her stalkers because for her, the only opinion that counts is yours. This is, without a doubt, a great lesson for all those who think without knowing the background of a story.

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