Adele goes to support for the fire in the Greenfell tower that left more than 30 dead and 79 injured


A new tragedy hits London, England: the Grenfell residential building burst into flames on the night of June 14, at least 30 people died and about 79 were injured, of which 24 are hospitalized and 12 of them remain in a state critical.

Six bodies have been recovered from the building, and the rest remains in the tower due to the risk of entering the building. The responsible official assures that until now nothing has been confirmed that suggests that the fire was intentional. For the moment, the priority is to rescue and identify the victims. Here all you need to know until the moment of the tragic night of Wednesday that the city lived.

More than 200 firefighters battled the fire

However, this was not enough, the tower was quickly devoured by fire; desperate people asked for help and used flashlights or cell phones to send rescue signals from the windows of the building.

Witnesses claim to have seen residents jumping from the 24-story building, as well as people throwing babies and children through the windows in an attempt to save the children.

London demands justice for possible negligence

Neighbors of the building assure that at no time was a fire alarm heard. Nor is it known what happened to the emergency protocols in place or where the automatic water sprinklers and fire extinguishers were.

Tension grows and protesters demand answers

The police have initiated a thorough investigation into the cause of the fire and it is estimated that the authorities will take months to identify the victims since the fire reached up to one thousand degrees centigrade.

The singer Adele appeared to comfort the victims

The London star was captured by an Instagram user offering help, embracing and comforting relatives of the victims. Between crying and despair, the singer and her husband Simon Konecki, remained in the place of the catastrophe for a couple of hours.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince William visited the shelters

The 91-year-old monarch visited the victims housed at the local sports center in North Kensington west of the city. So far the official report is 30 people died.

Prison to those responsible

Within the investigations it is expected to determine the reasons that caused the fire and the reason why it spread so quickly. Right now there are several demonstrations under the cry Justice to Grenfell! and premier Theresa May is accused of evading responsibility after the tragedy.

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