A woman DISAPPOINTS her 16-year-old bitch with an EMOTIVE photo shoot


When the photographer Maria Sharp, 23, realized that her dog and life partner Chubby was now 16 years old and could soon die, she decided to celebrate her life by posing for a comforting and moving photoshoot by her friend, also photographer Suzanne Price.

Maria started by digging up the old photos of her and Chubby since it came into her life, when she was 7 years old. As soon as he became interested in photography, his dog ended up being his favorite model.

Chubby died shortly after the photo shoot, but it is amazing to see that his last moments were spent in the arms of his loving owner.

The day that Chubby arrived home, Maria was really excited, finally she would have something of her own to take care of and love!

Your favorite photos are when I upload to Chubby. Even as an adult he was still carrying her, despite the fact that the dog was never fond of the suffocating arms of its owner.

Maria was for Chubby more than just a simple best friend.

When he grew up, his dog chose the bathroom to sleep all the time.

She was so loving to people, even those she did not know!

More than a bitch, Chubby was a partner at any time, even to be taken selfies next to its owner.

I was also photogenic. Won the contest Selfie of your pet that organized his veterinary practice. For Maria it was very funny that they recognized the tenderness of their faithful friend.

Over the years the deterioration in Chubby's health was inevitable. First they detected cataracts.

Then he lost his hearing, the strength of his legs, and began to have trouble sleeping.

With the passing of days things only worsened. He started to vomit and stopped eating. He received medication to control nausea, but it did not work.

It was then when Maria Sharp decided to make a photo shoot to say goodbye to her pet, because apparently, she did not have much time at her side.

Blood studies were carried out on Chubby, and the results were good; so his owner decided to take x-rays. It was when he realized he had gallstones.

Surgery was the only solution for her pet to improve, however, they knew that she was too weak to handle it.

We made the decision that it was best to let her go. I am writing this before I die, because I know that if I wait until she is gone my brain will be shattered and I will not be able to write through so many tears

Rest in peace Chubby

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