A true man NEVER doubts when he finds the right woman


Men, like women, spend most of their lives looking for the right partner and yet, when they meet her, they hesitate. Whether they have to tell her that they love her, ask her to be his girlfriend, move with him or become his wife, they are all decisions that inevitably a man must make at some point.

On the other hand, anyone would think that once a man has established some kind of commitment the next will be easier, but that is not usually the case. You have to think about the decisions the necessary time, but never doubt without a real reason. A man in the full extent of the word does not do that. Know that certain decisions must be made, period.

A true man does not doubt when he finds the right woman because:

1. Understand how lucky you are

A real man is an experienced man, who has gone through enough failed relationships and has been with enough wrong women, so that when he finds the right woman, he knows what he has found.

He will not hesitate because as far as he is concerned he has just won the lottery, and who is expected to collect a winning ticket? Why wait to tell him what it means to him? Luck does not last forever, and with millions of people on this planet, finding someone with whom you think you should share your life is amazing.

2. He is mature enough to face the commitment

It is not about not being afraid of commitment, because most people do it, but of being willing to take that step. Be ready to do everything you need because you think that woman is worth it.

A true man does not run away from commitment, he confronts him and puts aside his fears if what he wants is to establish himself, to love his wife with all his heart, to dedicate his life to her. It is what a real man does.

3. He wants her to understand how wonderful she is and how much it means to him

Many men believe, for any wrong reason, that a woman understands how much it means to him. Unfortunately, exactly the opposite occurs. Unless she possesses some type of oracle, a man needs to express it with words, and actions.

A real man understands this and, moreover, understands how important it is for his partner to know that he loves her. Doubt denotes insecurity. It shows that even if you say that you will always be there for her, you may well get up one day and leave.

4. He is afraid of losing her

It is right. A true man is afraid of losing the woman he loves, and is able to admit it. When you know the right woman, you must be afraid of losing her for whatever reason, because that's the way relationships are and that's life.

If he were to lose her, he would lose not only the person he loves, but the person in whom he has helped him to become. That real and mature man embraces his fear and allows him to guide him and help him understand how important that woman really is to him.

A true man fears. Maybe more than the rest. And it is not a sign of weakness, rather, of self-knowledge

5. Believes that she deserves everything, and wants to give it to her

He wants to be the one to take her places, to try different foods, wines and adventures. He wants to be the first in all possible experiences, because she is part of himself and his longings. I wish one day to turn back and remember all those wonderful things, and smile. It is all that matters to him. Make her smile, make her feel happy with herself, with her life, her experiences and her decisions.

Deciding who you will spend the rest of your life with is probably the most important decision a person should make. What a true man refuses to be is the reason why the woman he loves feels that the past days have not been valuable to her. He wants to be the reason why she does not regret anything.

6. You can not think of a single reason to wait longer

At least, no good reason. Anyone else can make excuses, improbable scenarios, whatever, in order to avoid the possibility of getting hurt. But a true man does not do anything like that; Only cowards do it.

He can not think of reasons to doubt, to wait a little before showing that woman his feelings, because there is none. She is the right woman, and if he decides to be the right man for her, she must make up her mind, which starts with taking that first step.

When you find the right person, that in a million, there are no valid reasons to resist. A true man is honest with himself and knows that he has found her, therefore, makes her the only one.

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