A stranger called her son repulsive; this was the touching response of the mother

There are many people who can not stand that others are different, even their intolerance leads them to make offensive and disrespectful comments. Unfortunately, this type of situation occurs every day in many parts of the world.

What was supposed to be an afternoon shopping at the Super for Dallas Lynn and their two-year-old son, Jameus, resulted in an experience they will never forget. While they lined up to pay, she took her son in her arms, which any mother would, however, observed a little of the baby's abdomen, and then everything began.

She decided to share what happened

We were in the line waiting for our turn. My sweet two-year-old wanted me to hug him. As he picked it up, his shirt got stuck in the cart, exposing his two stomata and bags in his stomach. I usually put a onesie (Baby garment that serves to cover the entire body, from the arms to the feet) under his shirt, but today he changes it quickly to reach the store. The onesie It helps keep your bags in place and nobody notices them.

Behind me was a woman who caught sight of them and screamed a little before she told me why someone would let them do something like that to her. . I turned wordless and just looked at her before she continued and I gave her the short version: her colon did not finish forming, so she needs them. I did not mention that he suffers from a strange disease called Hirschsprung, since I was upset by his first comment. Then she continued and said: well, I'm sorry, but I think it's repulsive, can you please keep the shirt down? . At that time I just wanted to shake that woman and scream what's wrong ?! . Instead of doing that, I told him to have a good night and I went to another line.

That's why I've decided to share it, because there's nothing repulsive about my son. Stomas and ostomies are a taboo, when in fact, more than 500 thousand people in the United States have one. My son's illness may be rare, but his stomata are not.

So here I leave you with a little education for anyone who does not know about them: a stoma is an opening that is surgically performed that allows the body to expel waste. My son has both for his colon, but stomas can also be from the ileum (small intestine), or bladder. Is this what I would have chosen for my son's life? The answer is no. But this was his only chance to live. When he was 2 weeks old, his colon broke down.

He left him with an infection that threatened his life and almost died. The stoma saved his life. It is very likely that he has them all his life and if so, my job will be to teach him a positive image of his body, as any father would. My job will be to teach you to love yourself, and your bags. If he had been a little older, he could have understood the ignorance that the lady behind us was vomiting. How much do you think that comment would have affected him?

What that woman does not understand is that my son is healthy, he is not different from others of the same age. Run, play, swim, and go to the nursery. When he is healthy, she will not be able to look at him, nor understand that he has had more than 20 surgeries and procedures. He will not know what his future holds. She will not know that she receives painful dilatation and irrigation treatments at home, twice a day, every day. She will not know that every day a catheter is placed in her stoma to feed the stool, twice a day, with the hope of growing her colon.

He is my heart. It is so fun and with an incredible personality. He is sweet, affectionate, kind, but he is also a small ball of fire.

Please be kind to others and choose your words wisely, especially if you are going to comment on something that does not concern you. Everybody fights battles that you do not know anything about, and my son is winning his.

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