A small message on a rock can change another person's life; is the most inspiring thing you'll see


If you could do something to help another person, without anyone knowing who you are, without receiving money in return, or recognition, would you do it? The selfless gestures of love are increasingly difficult to find, which makes them something wonderful and extraordinary, which reaches the heart.

The Kindness Rocks Project (the project of friendly rocks) was created by Megan Murphy two years ago and its mission is to share inspiration and motivation to find it in the most unexpected way: messages on rocks that are scattered along trails.

A message of encouragement

The best way to predict your future is to create it, Abraham Lincoln.

Murphy lost her parents when she was very young, so she dedicated her life to work and concentrate on growing her career in business, and spent her evenings walking and meditating alone on the beach. What he most wanted was to find unexpected signs, which perhaps his parents sent him from another place: some rock in the shape of a heart, to tell her how much they loved her; whatever it felt like a message.

When I found something, I felt connected to something beyond myself, these little treasures made me feel that I was not alone.

His intention is to show that we are not alone

Do the planet a favor, do not hide your magic.

While on a trip to India, she realized that she was happy and grateful every time someone had a nice gesture with her, such as opening the door, pointing out where she was going or giving her a friendly smile.

These little acts made a big difference inside me.

We do not know what a small gesture can do for others

Do not take anything personal. Nothing the others do is your fault, Don Miguel Ruiz

One day, back home, while taking her walk on the beach, she took a marker and started writing messages on the rocks, she thought maybe she was not the only one looking for inspiration on the way and that she could do something to help.

Many of the messages I write, are struggles in which I find myself working personally, it has become very intimate. This is a lesson that continually comes to me. I have spent too much of my time worrying about what others may think of me, instead of thinking what they feel about me. Sometimes life makes me feel less and confused and I have resentments. . But this is the question, it's my fault. When you treat yourself badly, others will also do it. And when they're rude to you, it's because they have a fight with themselves and that's their fault, not yours. That is a lesson we must remember.

Knowing what you can help is your motivation

Happiness is a mental state.

She writes messages on some rocks when something incredible happens to her and the best thing is when she receives words of thanks from strangers, who tell her how she helped them with simple lines full of encouragement and hope. What started as a hobby, has become a movement that distributes energy worldwide.

Now it's around the world

She asks all the volunteers to take pictures of the rocks and send them to their page, so they can know how far the seed they planted has arrived. Stones with messages of inspiration have been found in: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland, Thailand, Haiti, Italy and England. And the movement grows more and more in different communities of the planet. People who want to help do it without expecting anything in return.

Love is unconditional

A message at the right time can change your day completely, even your life. The message that Murphy liked the most is:

Your legacy is every life you have touched, which sums up all your effort.

She knows that kindness is contagious and the reward is knowing that she has helped someone at the time when she needed it the most.

Its purpose is to support others

Megan has her own business, she also writes and is the founder of the project. She currently lives in the United States, along with her three daughters, her husband and her two giant dogs.

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