A photographer ruined the wedding day of these couple and also left them without a single memory!


When your wedding day arrives you only want that each moment is immortalized in the best way, that is why you hire a professional photographer who can make this moment the best memory of your life. However, sometimes professionals do not turn out to be what you thought. Like what happened with this couple.

The couple formed by Paul and Chareen Wheatley hired a student named Chloe Johnson and they paid 710 dollars to take pictures of their wedding for 9 hours, the end result was not what they expected and finally their wedding was ruined.

A wedding without memories

After paying 710 dollars, Chloe no longer answered the calls, so they could not confirm her presence for the day of the wedding.

In the end, the girl arrived 45 minutes after the party had started.

The couple was furious when Miss Johnson arrived without any lighting, but without a doubt the straw that broke the camel's back was that her romantic memories ended up being only blurry images without quality, where her faces could barely be distinguished.

She practically ruined the day of our wedding, now we do not have any photographs to remember, she was definitely a detestable photographer.

Paul and Chareen endured a gruesome session

On the day of the wedding I was walking with a slight limp due to my knee operation, Chloe was aware of it, but she asked us to take a long walk through the muddy forest. On the other hand, my wife was holding her dress while walking through the swampy, wet forest filled with a lot of puddles so the dress was ruined, like my suit, it cost us $ 284 to clean them later.

The couple only received 15 photographs of the night

His surprise came when the couple only received 15 photographs of the entire wedding and a lot of images of Chloe inside a photo booth that was specially placed for the guests.

Throughout the night she looked very relaxed and almost nobody saw her. Instead of taking a lot of pictures of our wedding, we discovered that she was having fun in the photo booth. He did not even ask permission to be there. I would not have minded if she had taken one or two prank photos if her images had been adequate, but they were not.

After the photos Chloe still had the nerve to complain about the couple in social networks

When Paul told him that he was not happy with the quality of the photographs, he made a social media publication where he commented horrible things about him.

She did not need to do that, we had paid for a service and we had signed a contract

The Wheatleys decided to take Chloe to court

The court ruled that the Wheatleys should be reimbursed their $ 710 plus an additional $ 49 for court costs. But after two weeks in which Miss Johnston did not pay, they were forced to hire bailiffs to finally recover their money, which now includes an additional sum for the agents.

Chloe was happy with her work

We trusted Chloe's work because she told us that she was very professional and that she was trying to make a name for herself.

However Chloe mentioned that she was happy with her work and that if the couple had wanted professional and illuminated photographs they should not have hired a student. He also mentioned that he did what he could with the images and that he had only spent a minute in the booth because he had nothing to do.

BPP 112: Photographer Friend Ruins Wedding, How Not to Make The Same Mistakes (January 2021)