A MOTHER wrote this incredible publication on Facebook about what she learned from PERDÃ? N


Forgiveness is one of the most difficult things that a human being can do. It is not easy to learn nor is it easy to teach to forgive those who have harmed us. Sometimes it just happens spontaneously. Even as adults, we must always remember that we never stop learning to forgive, and that sometimes we can learn even from the little ones.

That happened to a mother: her daughter gave her a great lesson in life about forgiveness. She decided to publish her story on Facebook so that more people would also have the opportunity to learn what it is to leave resentment aside and forgive.

My daughter has not seen her biological father since she was four years old. Now he has eleven. When she was two years old, he contacted me and asked if I could allow him to conclude his rights as a father so that he could stop paying his daughter's support, and I agreed. She wanted to spare him the pain of knowing that his father had locked that door and the sacrifice of keeping it was worth it to keep him from disappointing her again. I never lied to her about her father. I have always answered your questions in the best way possible according to your age.

When he was four years old, he contacted me again and told me that he had been diagnosed with cancer and that he would like to see his daughter again. We plan a day, and we meet at the park. He had asked me for two hours. It was only 20 minutes and we never heard from him again.

This summer we ran into someone who knew him. That person commented on how my daughter looked like her other children. He said that his father had settled down and now he had a family. I felt a knot in my stomach thinking about how this would hurt my daughter. I cut the conversation and we went to the car to leave. Then I saw her smiling. He told me: Mom, he discovered how to be a father. It is very beautiful. I am happy for your children.

That was the day when an 11-year-old girl taught me everything I need to know about forgiving someone.

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