A man who does not drink alcohol is a great match

There are those who say that men who do not drink alcohol are boring and serious, but that is more a myth than a truth. Actually those who do not drink, or do so in moderation, see everything from a healthier perspective, do not need alcoholic drinks to have a good time. It is simply a matter of personality.

Men who do not consume alcohol are prone to success and their life expectancy is prolonged; they are better at sports, arts, relationships and stay healthy; they get good jobs with earnings above average. All this according to the stories of some young Spaniards.

People who plan their future are not boring at all, as many think; They have a more detailed and accurate view of what suits them and what really is not worth it.

That's why if a girl who wants a life as a couple wants a stable, positive, real relationship, the abstainers are a better match. Whatever happens, they will remain the same person overnight.

These qualities stand out in them:

  • When they make a mistake, they do not excuse themselves by saying that they were taken and will assume the consequences of their actions.
  • They emphasize their poise and courage: they will always be willing to perform any activity, in addition to being conscious, with their five senses intact.
  • They are always in good physical condition and not hangovers: they are healthier.
  • They give more time for love: they have no setbacks; Since they do not drink, they can concentrate on better situations.
  • Outdoor activities: in most cases they are active men.
  • Workers and dedicated: they are more focused and effective.
  • They are best friends: they maintain firm friendships.
  • They know how to have fun: without the need for alcohol they have a great time.
  • They are more loyal: you can trust much more than those who do.
  • They fulfill their goals: they fight for what they want.

Without a doubt, a sober couple is good in all aspects, offers better quality of life and emotional stability; In addition, he knows how to take advantage of the time so that each moment will be an apprenticeship.

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