A killer whale was TRAPPED among the rocks and wept inconsolably asking for HELP. Luckily they arrived


A small orca was stranded on the rocks of Hartley Bay, British Columbia, Canada. It all started when a group of killer whales tried to hunt sea lions; One of them came too close to the shore, and was stuck between the rocks. As if that were not enough, the tide began to decay, worsening the situation. The orca knew he was in trouble, he could not move, the sun was shining and the tide had gone down. When she saw herself in that situation, all she could do was cry in a disconsolate way to ask for help.

Luckily, one person heard the heart-rending song of the cetacean and immediately went to the place. He called the authorities and soon a group of rescuers from For Whales, along with a coast guard, came to help the animal, which was already very stressed by the situation.

When the rescue group arrived at the scene, the orca had a very accelerated heart and did not let out a sound like crying. After a while, apparently she understood that the people who were there only wanted to help her.

The rescuers calmed her down, put wet rags on her and with the help of a bucket they threw water to protect her from the heat and the sun.

They could not drag her with ropes to the sea, because the stones would tear her skin, so all that was left was to wait.

Wait for the tide to rise again to release the killer whale, and meanwhile, keep it alive.

Finally, after 8 hours, the small orca was able to return to the water safe and sound.

On the Whale Point Facebook page you can read this message:

Today was a day of great emotions. A huge thank you to you, this amazing community that has come together so quickly to protect what is sacred.

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