A girl NEEDED some shoes for her school dance, her SISTER did this


The shoes created by Christian Louboutin are some of the most sought after in the world due to the glamor and exclusivity of the brand, but their prices are really exorbitant: some cost more than 5 thousand dollars.

Of course, having Loubutin shoes is a reason to boast in, say, a prom. And that's exactly the event that was approaching for the sister of a girl whose account in Reddit is called Ethical_rhyme: I needed the perfect shoes and surely I did not have $ 5,995 dollars exact price of a pair of brand shoes.

Ethical_rhyme wrote in his social network:

My sister expressed interest in the shoes of the design and nobody, to my knowledge, wants to spend that amount of money for a simple pair of shoes, so I did the best I could with what I had.

The girl took matters into her own hands:

He found these shoes for sale for $ 25 dollars and started working.

Step 1: Paint them blue with acrylic paint

Step 2: Once they dried, painted the top of the shoes

Step 3: Applied a layer of red paint, followed by lacquer to give it shine

Use more acrylic paint and lacquer to seal wood.

Step 4: Bought 6 thousand! bright blue stones of different sizes

Of 3, 5 and 6 millimeters to be exact.

Step 5: Start covering the shoes with them

Step 6: Pasted one by one

It was not quick or easy, but the love for his sister was greater.

Finishing them took about 2 months of work

I put the stones at random, and the spaces were filled with the appropriate sized stones. I do not keep a record of hours, but I would like to work designing shoes every time I sit down to watch a movie on my couch.

He even made a pair of floor shoes for when the night was over.

The final result: Beautiful!

This is the proof that love is worth more than money can buy.

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