A dog was completely BLIND, but his family did something SURPRISING that changed his life


As time goes by, it is common for our elderly pets to suffer from some disease or to lose their sight. Buddy is a Chihuahua dog that 13 years ago came to the life of Jordan Berg and his family. Five months ago he began to lose his sight and to crash against the walls. The diagnosis was that he suffered from cataracts in both eyes. A month ago, his eyesight began to get worse quickly, so Jordan and Jesse Foy, his fiancé, had to guide him through the rooms, take him out to the bathroom, etc. Buddy was being immobilized, so Foy had a great idea: to rely on a product he had seen online, that would protect him. The original device was too heavy for Buddy's small 2 kg body, but once at the hardware store the couple brainstormed on how to modify the design. When they got it clear, they got nuts, washers and a plastic suspension strap at the hardware store, which together with a strap gave shape to the harness that Jordan and Jesse had visualized.

The final result is a success

Jordan says: He still stumbles over some things, but the bumper hits the object first, and that's enough warning for Buddy to avoid crashing.

Now Buddy has regained some of his lost confidence

He spends his time exploring and following his owners around the house. You can also eat and drink without problems.

Thanks to the innovation of his masters, Buddy has returned to enjoy his life and the company of other dogs

Jesse says: I made this project for two of the most important friends I have in the world. One of them is a dog that deserves to live a great life for as long as we can keep it around us, and the second, for my best friend in the world and my fiancée, Jordan.

For a dog to lose sight can be a frightening change

Jordan and Jesse solved on their own a situation that could have been devastating and made it as beautiful as it is to help another living being. Owning and interacting with a blind dog is not an easy task. It takes patience and a little extra love, and they have them.

Rescue Dog Completely Changed His Brother's Life | The Dodo (January 2021)