A cup of coffee can extend your life: study


Your morning cup of coffee will help extend your life. Yes, as you read it. Good news for all coffee addicts, because according to a study conducted by researchers at Stanford University, your life can be fuller and healthier with a pinch of caffeine a day.

The experts pointed out that during adulthood there is an inflammatory process that increases the chances of suffering from cardiovascular disease, and that is when caffeine consumption is more beneficial as it counteracts this process, increasing our lifespan.

That something that many people drink and really like to drink could have a direct benefit, came as a surprise for us. What we have shown is a correlation between caffeine consumption and longevity

-Mark Davis, leader of the study.

Coffee is one of the most popular and delicious beverages in the world and this new development revealed a quality not only of coffee, but of beverages that contain caffeine such as tea, whether green, black or white.

Other studies have revealed that people who drink between 1 and 3 cups per day, tend to have a lower chance of dying from heart disease, respiratory diseases, strokes, injuries and diabetes and infections, among others.

So this is a good excuse to enjoy a good cup of coffee in the day.

3 To 4 Cups Of Coffee Could Extend Your Life, Research Suggests (February 2020)