A CREATIVE dad draws funny designs in the eye patch of his DAUGHTER


Layla is a girl who was born with a small cataract that clouds her vision of the left eye. To stimulate the development of her eye, she has to wear a patch for two hours a day, so her dad, Geoff Grubb, draws them funny designs or characters that she likes.

Applying the patches at an early age avoids amblyopia or lazy eye disorder, which causes the vision of one of the eyes not to fully develop in childhood. So if Layla uses a patch two hours a day it means that it can look like two hours to:

1. Spiderman

2. Catwoman

3. The René frog

4. Rudolph the reindeer

5. A snowman

6. Cyclops of the X Men

7. One minion

8. A pirate with an eye patch

9. Some character from your collection of Super Mario Bros

10. Toad

11. Yoshi

12. Tube

13. Star

14. Flower

15. Fungus

Look flirtatious and interesting:

16. Heart

17. Monocle

But her favorite character is herself:

18. Layla

20. Sharing style with his father