A blind woman who is PREGNANT saw her baby for the first time in a 3D print


3D printing has opened thousands of opportunities for blind people to experience the world around them. A powerful example is the story of Tatiana Guerra, a future mother who, through a face printed by said technology, was able to see her son in her womb.

During pregnancy, ultrasounds allow parents and doctors to watch babies, and they are truly special moments. However, Tatiana, 30, would not have been able to see the ultrasound. She lost her sight at age 17, but with the help of a portable 3D printer provided by a Venezuelan advertising company and the famous brand of Huggies diapers, she was able to touch the face of her unborn child, whom she will call Murilo. .

Knowing Murilo

This moving mix of technology and love is part of a Huggies Brazil campaign called Knowing Murilo to provide other blind mothers with the same opportunity as Tatiana.

Tatiana Guerra thought she would never see her son

When I put my hand on my belly and feel its movements, it's like I have super powers and no one could hurt us

I am very happy to meet Murilo before he is born

Excited, Tatiana opened the package that her doctor gave her and read the message written in braille: I am your son. With a mixture of tears, laughter, surprise and gratitude, this blind mother passed her fingertips through 3D printing, knowing the features of her son Murilo.

Blind mor 3D-printer sin ufødte sønn (January 2021)