9 Things that only girls who have an older brother will understand


They fight, they argue, they laugh together, but they will always be united. Your older brother becomes your best friend and a figure that will represent great support for you.

Sometimes he will make you spend annoying moments, but many others you will see as a role model, a kind of superhero who will give you advice and support you.

When you are the younger sister of a man, you definitely develop an enormous amount of qualities and strength. Dealing with them is not easy, they subject you to ridicule and constant fights in which you must learn to defend yourself. Here are some situations that only women who grew up with an older brother will understand.

1. You've covered it up a few times

Whether you lied for him when he took a girl to his room, or when he went to a party without permission, you were always there to save him.

You must admit that it was also exciting to lie in front of your parents and make sure they believed you, but that's what the brothers do and you know he would do the same for you, right?

2. You checked your room while he was not

Just because you were too curious, that did not give you the right to inquire into your personal things. Especially because what you found were unimportant things.

3. You fell in love with one of your friends

You were excited to know that your friends came to the house, and more so when the boy you liked was there. You sighted for him to notice you, but your brother always intervened and sent you away from the space he shared with his friends.

4. One of your friends fell in love with him

You felt jealousy, you must admit it, especially when I came to look for him at home. And the worst part was that your parents liked it. But one day you saw that he was not really interested in her.

5. I was always jealous of the guys you were dating

Older brothers always have a kind of protective side that tells them that they should avoid all kinds of dangers, but in particular, they should make sure that they make the person you're leaving feel miserable. Maybe on some occasions it was nice with your boyfriends, but for them it was very difficult to be friends with your brother.

6. I got alcohol for you and your friends

For all the times you covered him when he left home without permission, he owed you a favor, so, if it was a party or any other occasion, he would take the trouble to get drinks for you to have a good time .

7. They fought over the remote control of the TV or the car stereo

When they watched television together one of the two was the one who had control over the channels, but when he watched a sports program, the war began, for what girl likes to spend hours watching men play if she does not understand it, or listen to those boring commentators?

8. You still have marks of the fights they had

It does not matter that your father taught him that women should not be touched: they always ended up entangled in a fight in which they stretched their hair, he made you wrestling keys or pinched you. In short, what good would it be to have brothers if you can not fight a little with them?

9. You have a best friend by your side

At the end of everything, he is still your great friend, your protector and your big brother. Both grew up together and no matter what happens, both are there to support each other.

He was annoying, but he will always be your brother.

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