9 Signs that you have FOUND the man that you SHOULD marry


There is a force that triumphs over reason, power or money, and that defines the kind of people we become: love.

To be in love is to feel that in the arms of our partner we feel completely protected. When we are in love it is difficult not to imagine how life would be next to that person, but how can we know that this love is forever and not just a fantasy? It is not about simply surrendering our hearts to the man we feel is right.

Here are nine signs that can tell you that you have found the man you would like to spend the rest of your life with.

1. You do not need to always be happy in front of him

On good days and bad days he knows who you really are, and he does not expect you to change, he just expects you to remain yourself. Whatever your mood, he will think you shine. There is nothing to pretend in the relationship.

2. Your happiness is your happiness, and vice versa

The man you want to marry must be a priority in your life, because your interests will now be part of yours, as well as yours. For example, even if he is busy, he will find a way to make you feel that he always thinks of you in a special way.

3. The attraction between you is noticeable

Both are compatible in every way, physically, mentally and emotionally. By doing things together they feel special, and chemistry is something they can not deny.

4. You want to share with him every experience

When you imagine yourself in the future, he is always present. Spending the rest of your life with him is something that does not scare you, because you know it's a good thing to be together.

You want to share with him all kinds of moments, you think about him frequently, you are interested in knowing what he is doing and, ultimately, it is better when they do things together, because they have become partners.

5. At the end of the day all you want is to be by your side

It does not matter how bad your day has been or the mood in which you find yourself: your company is all you need to feel better. He is the only one who has the ability to listen patiently and respond honestly.

6. They love more than they fight

Fighting is not something you enjoy. He cares too much to hurt you, and you know he feels the same. They can not be angry with each other for a long time.

7. He not only hears you, he also listens to what you say

He is able to know your needs without you expressing them all the time. He is attentive and educated, knowing that they can help each other grow and become what they want to be.

8. They have the same idea about romance

Dinner together, travel, share the end of the day Whatever the definition of romance for you, he will always try to please you and go even a little further.

9. He accepts you as you are

He has shown you his love consistently. It does not matter if you're messy, noisy or very funny. He knows the good and the bad about you, and still appreciates all, because he knows that both aspects make you who you are.

Do you think that in it you have found all this?

Signs That You Should Marry Him - POPxo (January 2021)