9 Reasons why having a BROTHER made you a happy and BETTER woman


Growing up with one or more siblings is an irreplaceable gift, something that having sisters or being an only child can not compete with.

You learn about how a man's brain works and the simple and obvious way in which they frequently behave. You learn not to take things too seriously, and you realize that their metabolism works much more efficiently than yours.

Pay attention: if you have grown up with a brother, these are the reasons why you are a happy woman.

1. You always had good behavior compared to yours

Maybe because they were younger, or maybe because it was in their DNA, but the brothers (especially the one who was arrested in a drunkenness) tend to overcome the limits of everything you could have done one day.

Whether he was accused of plagiarism in college or almost caught with drugs when entering a dive, your brother has always got into trouble in a way you could not have dreamed, which made all your failed subjects seem insignificant compared to everything he did. So, thank her for helping you to always be the good girl.

2. But when you were not, he rescued you and was on your side

With your brother you can always count to cover your back. For example, when your parents got upset because you arrived after the time they gave you permission and he was the first to say that you had arrived only a few minutes later than agreed; or when your friend was being damn with you, your brother at least pretended to listen to you and gave you the reason.

Your brother was your confidant; the person who accompanied you at the end of the day eating large amounts of cereal and watching the terrible television programs.

3. You are an expert in the debate

Especially since you and your brother have spent all their time debating who will use the car first and for how long exactly. Or who would be forced to go in the dreaded middle seat during the long journeys; and who would be responsible for buying the anniversary card for your parents. Besides, you always negotiated with your brother to lend you money, because somehow, his piggy bank was always much more full than your wallet.

4. He taught you how to achieve what you want

Apparently, always the girls have had more tenacity when discussing. Often, when you and your brother discussed what channel to choose on television, he simply got bored and walked away from the issue, leaving you with the victory, though perhaps Pyrrhic.

5. You know that honesty hurts, in a good way

Your hair seems disgusting.

I do not like that skirt, take it off!

These are just some of the insults that you have had to deal with in recent years. Your brother is the person who, if you bother him while he is playing FIFA, the first thing he will say is that you look fat with what you are wearing. He was the first man who was infuriated by your love for heels, and he will not be the last. But you know that whenever you need honest advice, you can go to him (just get ready to cry).

6. There is nothing that surprises you

Oh great! A baseball ball fell out of nowhere on your head. No big deal, your brother has been playing hockey inside the house since he was 7 years old. Your bike has been stolen? Well, no item of yours that your brother wanted was entirely your property. Is there a bit of pee on the toilet seat? It could not be otherwise.

7. You always have a binge-eating partner

Your ability to eat large amounts of food still does not cease to amaze you. You have spent years (in which you obviously got fat, duh!) Trying to equalize your way of eating. For me, a burrito, a hamburger and three slices of pizza.

While you learned that this was not the most attractive thing in a girl, you know that no one enjoys food as much as you do, and when you do not mind looking unattractive eating large amounts of food, he will always go with you, without judging you.

8. You had the right answer when you cried for a boy

Fuck it! Your brother has always believed that you deserve someone really good. While your friends, unfortunately, have been very short. Literally, they never wanted you to walk with him.

He has always tried hard to be nice to your boyfriends, but he refused to be friends with the annoying kids that were after you, and for all that you love him.

Also, you never sweetened a situation. While your friends were telling you: maybe you ran out of credit on your cell phone and that's why I did not answer your text message, your brother said: he's ignoring you, I'm sorry.

9. You said to yourself that you were mom's favorite

Maybe you're not sure if your mom favored you for the simple fact of being the girl in the house, but you like to think that being the only two people of the same sex in the house, that meant they had a special bond and that one way or another she was always on your side.

Without sisters you could get a little jealous of, and a father and a brother who shared the same sports interests (18 holes in golf? Is that a joke?), You consider that you and your mom always stayed together.

Sweet Sophia (Never Underestimate Her) (January 2021)