9 Keys to OVERCOME your EX


If you have just finished a relationship and have trouble forgetting about your lover, continue reading these points that will help you overcome the break and feel better.

1. See the break as an opportunity to find someone else

The therapist José Elías recommends that you do not think that ex-boyfriend was the love of your life, but only a couple more.

2. Reflect on emotional dependence

This is so that you know what prevents you from moving forward, and maybe it can serve you not only to overcome the end of that relationship, but also to improve your future relationships.

3. Get to the idea that you must transform your link with him

Having to overcome a relationship goes beyond just that, there has to be a transformation process where you know that you are no longer a couple; you must understand that you will not be able to forget it overnight.

4. Try to stay socially active

Share with your friends or family about how you feel, in this way your duel will pass faster; It is a way to vent and not feel full of negative things.

5. Assume that love is no longer reciprocal

It can be the most difficult to accept that your partner no longer feels the same for you, however the psychologists Elena Jiménez and Silvia Díaz recommend that you should do it out of respect for yourself; you should not insist on recovering it.

6. Avoid negative thoughts towards you

Do not say phrases like I'll never find someone like him, now I feel mediocre or I've never been so happy with someone; he is the only one .

In the world there are thousands of people and these sayings are false, they also block you from opening up to new options.

7. Do not make comparisons

Do not make comparisons of your ex with other men, or in case he has left you for another girl, do not compare yourself to her; That is a terrible idea, it only makes you have a bad time.

That he has chosen to be with another girl, does not speak badly about you or means that you are better or worse than the other; He only talks about him and his choices.

8. Do not analyze your ex

It is very normal that after breaking up with him you feel tempted to analyze it. He is scared of a serious relationship, has sexual problems, he is very childish at times; but with all that analysis you do not get anywhere, because you only go round and round exhibiting it on things that nobody really cares about.

9. Get rid of the past

Forget all those memories, do it the way you want, but make them disappear.

This is how a cleaning process, those objects will take the past, and with this the image of him.

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